PlayStation Store Adds Wishlist Option To Keep Track Of Games

All of us have had situations where we were unable to buy a game during a sale, a game that we had been waiting for quite a while, just because we forgot about the game or didn’t check whether there was a sale on the game or not.

Well it seems like the folks over at Sony know exactly how we feel in such situation which is why it appears that the PlayStation Store is now getting a Wishlist feature.

Similar to the Wishlist feature on Steam, it allows users to ‘Heart’ specific titles they are interested in and would like to keep track of.

The game then gets added to their wishlist for purchase in the future and will probably have a notification system built-in as well that would send users an email once a game on their Wishlist is on a sale.

The Wishlist option however seems to be only available on the browser based version of PS Store for now although hopefully the option will appear soon on consoles, especially PS4.

With this exciting new move, perhaps it’s time Sony introduced some other long overdue features as well such sending out game gifts to friends or family.