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Multiple Old Square Enix IPs to be Recreated for Current Gen

Okay so it appears that old (and loved) franchises are going to play a much more important role in the current generation. Among others, Square Enix is also planning on reintroducing existing IPs to Xbox One and PS4.

In their annual report, Square Enix is literally regarding the recreations of old franchises for current generation as a key step in what they are calling “the way forward.”

We will revitalize some of our strong IPs in ways that meet the needs of the modern gaming market. For example, we will take an IP developed for earlier generations of game consoles and recreate it for the latest consoles, while also proactively developing versions for play on smart devices.

Of course these will come in addition to a number of new IPs that any large organization like theirs will need in order to survive the competition. In line with that, they say they will “explore possibilities involving VR (virtual reality) and other new platforms,” for the existing IPs too!

Last but not the least, Square Enix says that they will be focusing on “not only optimizing single pieces of IP for single platforms but also rolling out IP in a multi-dimensional manner to meet the needs of the modern market.”

What are the first games that have come to your mind after reading this?