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Halo 5: Guardians Digital Unlock Times for All Regions Revealed

For people who have pre-ordered the digital version of Halo 5: Guardians one important piece of information is when it will unlock. With the release only days away, Microsoft have released the all-important times.

One of the problems often found with digital releases is the problem of time zones. This often leads to some players having to wait until late in the release day to actually get to play their game. This doesn’t look to be an issue for Halo 5: Guardians though as most players will get it either at 12:01am on October 27, or the equivalent time October 26.

  • Greenwich Mean Time GMT, October 27, 12:01 AM
  • Eastern Standard Time, US, EST, October 27, 12:01 AM
  • Central Standard Time, US, CST, October 26, 11:01 PM
  • Mountain Standard Time, US, MST, October 26, 10:01 PM
  • Pacific Standard Time, US, PST, October 26, 9:01 PM
  • Australian Eastern Daylight Time, AEDT October 27, 12:01 AM
  • Australian Western Daylight Time, AWDT, October 26, 10:01 PM

While people in North America may be disappointed to see that they won’t have it early, they will be getting it on the actual promised day as early as possible. There can’t be many complaints with this schedule though.

With reports that the physical copy is already being provided by some retailers it will be interesting to see how many people chose to pre-order digitally instead. With no restriction in the physical release, other than multiplayer access (until Microsoft enable access) they’ll be able to play the game now.

Have you pre-ordered Halo 5: Guardians digitally? Let us know your thoughts below.