FIFA 16 and Metal Gear Solid 5 were Digital Best-Sellers in September 2015

In September two games dominated the digital games market and the names will shock nobody. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain and FIFA 16 took top honours, but Destiny wasn’t far behind.

SuperData Research have put together a report looking at the worldwide digital games market for September 2015 and what they were able to reveal were that FIFA 16 and Metal Gear Solid 5 were the big winners. With FIFA 16 dominating the consoles and Metal Gear Solid 5 dominating the PC downloads, there are also some other interesting results based on the games that didn’t make it onto top spot.


Interestingly for the PC Mad Max came second with Counter-Strike third. Grand Theft Auto 5 sits in 4th position. On console, with the big updates to Destiny, including the Taken King expansion it held on in second. Grand Theft Auto 5 shows up again in third position with Metal Gear Solid 5 taking 4th.

It should be noted that it comes as no surprise that Metal Gear Solid 5 didn’t show higher in the results for consoles. With the Collector’s Editions on offer and with console owners often preferring to have physical copies of the new releases it still performed well. FIFA 16 had fewer physical incentives, which may be a reason for the digital sale strength.

Also revealed in the report was the fact that digital sales reached $5.4 billion in September, which shows an 11% rise from last year. This shows more of a confidence in digital downloads, though they aren’t dominating just yet.

With the growth in digital downloads, is this a sign that people are moving away from physical purchases? Let us know your thoughts below.