Devil’s Third to be Get Release in North America

With the rather interesting but underwhelming release of Devil’s Third for the Wii U in Europe it’s easy to forget that it didn’t get a North America release. It looks like this may be changing, as the game is finally going to be made available.

If rumours are to be believed Devil’s Third will be released, with Dell revealing it being available from December 31, at the price of $39.99. Amazon and Gamestop also have it listed with the same release date, but price of $59.95. We may find that if these listings are correct, the price will be finalised before this date. I’m sure people looking to buy the game would rather pay $39.99 instead.

It will be interesting to see how well the game sells when it finally hits North America, as even from the footage that was released before the game came out, it looked rather disappointing. There are chances that it could be somewhat of a cult hit with fans and there does seem to be some interest in it, so it will be worth seeing how the release actually goes.

Much has been said about Tomonobu Itagaki’s Devil’s Third, especially the surprise that the game was even given a Wii U release. With more of a focus on more family friendly releases a super violent game like this is something of an oddity. While this may be the case though there are still gamers who own the Wii U more than happy to play a game like this, and are awaiting the release with anticipation.

Are you looking forward to this release of Devil’s Third? Let us know your thoughts below.