Watch R. Mika Perform a One-Hit Kill in Street Fighter 5

There are some moves in fighting games that are known to be super powerful. There are not many though that can end the match with one hit. This is what has been found in Street Fighter 5, though whether it will make it into the game is questionable.

In the video put together by GamesRadar you see that this move is done by wrestler R. Mika. To be able to pull it off you need to charge up her unique V.Skill move. As you’ll see in the video you see she will put on a Wrestling promo, and the longer she goes on the more damage her attack will do. The trick is for your opponent not to fight this from happening. If successful and her power reaches max, then pull of the V.Skill and add a throw to it, and there you have it…a one hit kill.

To further show the huge power of the move GamesRadar did the move on Zangief. As he is one of the characters with the biggest health and he is taken down straight away it further emphasises the power. The problem is of course you won’t normally find an opponent that is likely to just let you sit there and let it happen.

With the next phase of Street Fighter 5 beta testing taking place on the PlayStation 4 and PC from Thursday this may be the perfect chance to try it out. Whether this move actually is as effective in the final release though is something we’ll have to keep our eye on. Balancing of the moves and the damage they do may rule out this level of destruction making it to the final build.

Are you impressed with R. Mika’s powerful attack? Let us know your thoughts below.