Thoughts on the First Hour of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

There are two main protagonists in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, the twins Jacob and Evie Frye.

Children of an Assassin and working actively with a group of Assassins on their age old mission of thwarting the dastardly plans of the Templars and recover or repossess any and every Piece of Eden they might find.

Victorian England’s setting is probably the most modern times ever depicted in the Assassins Creed universe and it is interesting to see a country influenced to a great extent by the industrial revolution.

Visually speaking: the game, character models and texture looked very similar to those in Assassins Creed : Unity, to me i.e okayish. I have played the PS4 version which runs on native 900p.

The signature parkour movement of the series has apparently received some fine tuning. Both Jacob and Evie’s movement is quite fluid in comparison with previous games and it was the first Assassin’s Creed game in a long time where I almost did not get stuck in the environment even once while free running and jumping.

Combat seems to have been refined noticeably in Syndicate. It is neither button masher nor that strictly timed combat as in Unity but a good blend of both that seems to have been working fine. When confronting a hostile enemy head on both character could unleash quite brutal combos in quick succession.

A frequently blocking enemy would cost you the combo meter build up. A timed press of the Circle button counters the enemy attack and provide us a short window to retaliate.

You could also look for the flashing yellow bar over an enemy’s head which indicates an imminent attack and therefore serves as a warning for counter attack. When you succeed in depleting the enemy’s health by 80% the enemy goes into a near death stance where he is stunned and open for your finisher.

Stealth is also woven into the combat this time and to my pleasant surprise worked quite well. With a press of ‘X’ button either character you’d be controlling at the moment would stoop and pull over his Assassin’s hood on his/her head.

While in stealth stance you cannot run without breaking the stance but you could move very quickly and are much harder for the enemy to spot. Hiding behind a cover in stealth mode and taking headshots of the enemy with throwing knives was iddly satisfying for me grin emoticon

It also appears we could use the environment to kill the hostiles as well albeit in a limited manner. While playing with Evie I could throw knives at barrels hanging from the roof and drop them on the unsuspecting heads of the enemis convenently standing benath.

Eagle Vision has gone back to not having a timer again.

It was good to note that both Jacob and Evie have distinct personalities. While Jacob is more of a recluse and brash in his approach, Evie appears calmer and more methodical in his work. However the exasperated tone of their Assassin incharge implied the twins still regarded discipline and rules as mere guidelines.

During my gameplay I got to Assassinate one templar each with both Jacob and Evie. One the owner of an Iron Foundry and the other an important templar scientist researching a piece of eden to unlock its secrets.

It was rather disappointing to note how Jacob, a complete stranger, was running around the factory sabotaging the machinery to force his target to come out of his locked room and yet hardly anyone became suspicious.

Even when Jacob finally assassinated his target there was a woman standing right next to that person who did not even bat an eye at the brutal murder being committed right under her nose let alone screaming.

Anyway so far I have retained my interest. I like the Victorian setting and since the game does not seem to suffer from any technical hiccups it was a plus point. Lets see how it goes.