Latest Images and Game Details for One Piece: Burning Blood

One Piece: Burning Blood is the next game to be released based on the popular anime series. Today we have some new screenshots for the game, as well as some game details.

From the official press release, here is what to expect in the fighting game:

ONE PIECE: Burning Blood has several features that add a level of strategy to the fighting in the game. Ever dreamt of Luffy, Sabo and Ace fighting together as one epic team against their enemies? Well players can create a team of 3 characters and swap them out in order to gain a tactical advantage. Certain characters can use special Logia Moves for unique abilities: allowing players to burn through their enemies or even move faster than lightning! Logia Fruits also allow the use of Logia Guard: where some characters are untouchable by physical attacks for limited amount of time. However, the powerful Haki blow is a solid counter to this guard. Last but not least, as in the original Manga, Devil Fruits will be the source of unique massive Special Attacks and Reinforced Special Attacks!

Characters that will be included in the game this time will include Monkey D. Luffy, Sabo, Ace, Bartolomeo, Ener, Crocodile, Bartolomeo, and the newly announced Smoker. Below is a selection of images from the game, for the full gallery visit Gematsu.

As you can see, similar to the anime series the battles look spectacular and full of action. With so many other One Piece games already out though will this promise something new to keep the players invested in the game?

Are you looking forward to One Piece: Burning Blood? Let us know your thoughts below.