Hands-On Technical Look at Halo 5: Guardians

There are plenty of videos out there that are showing footage from the first three missions of Halo 5: Guardians, but most focus on just the gameplay. Today a video has been released that takes a closer technical look at the game.

The video by Digital Foundry not only gives impressive details about Halo 5: Guardians itself but also compares it to past games. The footage shown in the game should be regarded as spoilers so be aware. If you want to listen to some analysis of the way it performs though, this is well worth a watch.

What is interesting is how well Halo 5: Guardians actually performs, and how good it looks. Microsoft are hoping for this to be one of their big exclusives which catches the eye of people yet to make the jump to the Xbox One console, and I’m sure Halo fans will look at Guardians and be caught up in the hype.

While the video doesn’t give all the technical information that you usually see in a Digital Foundry video it is still interesting to hear what they say about how the game handles itself to keep everything looking good and at a high enough quality. This includes information on how the quality and frames per second adapts based on what is being shown on screen.

It should be noted that what we see is footage based on the campaign mode of the game and not multiplayer, this has not been unlocked yet as the game is not officially released yet. We’ll have to wait until the final release to see what the performance is like for that area of the game.

Are you impressed with how Halo 5: Guardians is performing? Let us know your thoughts below.