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Final Fantasy 15’s Episode Duscae Demo Explorer Visits the City of Lestallum

Game demos are a restricted version of games that give players a taste of what is to come. Sometimes though there are secrets hidden away that the developers may not have wanted you to see.

This appears to be the case with version 2.0 of Final Fantasy 15’s demo Episode Duscae. While Square Enix have tried to make sure that people exploring the demos world couldn’t make it out of the official demo map, it appears that some people are managing it.

In a new video we see that this is the case, and it has revealed something very interesting. As you can see on the video on DualShockers the player appears to have discovered a low resolution version of the city of Lestallum.

This city appears to be still in development and far from complete, and if anything is meant to be seen from a distance with players never being able to actual visit it in the demonstration. When the game is complete and the players travel to the city they will experience it in all of its current generation high resolution glory.

As DualShockers mention, in the video you’ll see that the menu is open at all times. This is an exploit to stop the game over screen from appearing, which is what is meant to happen when the player ventures too far out of the restricted demo world. The downside of being able to get around the game ending screen is the fact that the player is stuck on the menu screen.

With things like a city hidden in the demo, it will be interesting to see what else is hidden awaiting to be found. Though the developers may not want these places to be actually explored, it seems that players don’t care about the rules of the game and are sharing some very interesting details about the game.

Have you explored the Episode Duscae demo world? Did you find anything interesting on your travels? Let us know your thoughts below.