Destiny Trials of Osiris is Not Coming Back This Friday

About five days ago we had reported how Bungie had delayed Trials of Osiris after the developers found a nasty bug even before launching it for the public.

Since it was one bug (albeit a nasty one) most of us were expecting that the developers will be able to get rid of it within a week making it possible for us to play Trials of Osiris once again on the coming Friday.

However, it appears that is not the case. The bug seems to be taking longer to fix than what we speculated as Bungie designer Lars Bakken has confirmed they are not there yet.

He tweeted recently saying that “Quiver has been neutered until we fix the Shadowshot exploit. Also better Nightfall rewards inbound,” to which a fan responded by inquiring if this meant the return of Destiny Trials of Osiris on the coming Friday i.e. October 23.

However, Bakken did not have good news on that front as he replied: “No, not yet. Hard Mode Raid this weekend.”

So far, Bungie has not confirmed how much longer are they going to take before Trials of Osiris is launch ready. Watch this space for more updates.

In the meanwhile, you could day dream about Destiny 2 being developed at High Moon Studios.