Destiny 2 in Development at High Moon with Mars, New Moon, Planets?

Back in May it was revealed that High Moon Studios is working on Destiny; however, we weren’t told if it was a new expansion or Destiny 2 that they were developing.

Now, there are certain reports suggesting that they are indeed making the sequel.

According to some anonymous insiders (thanks Kotaku), what we got in the shape of The Taken King was originally supposed to be released as Comet, a much more ambitious release that would feature a lot more content and a $60 price tag.

However, additional content was cut down to what we received. The rest of the content included a whole new moon called Europa as well as a public space on Mars – among other things.

So what would they do with that? If the sources are to be believed, all those assets were given to High Moon Studios so that they could use them and develop Destiny 2.

Last but not the least, it is expected that the sequel is going to be released sometime in 2016.

This comes parallel to the news where it was revealed that Bungie has signed a deal with Activision for five projects related to Destiny,the last of which was titled Comet. Read more about that here.

This is unconfirmed news, but we will be updating you as soon as something else pops up in relation to Destiny 2.