A Nintendo NX RPG Might be in Development at Monolith Soft

By   /   Oct 21, 2015
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Monolith Soft, the development studio behind Xenoblade Chronicles might be developing an RPG for the upcoming Nintendo NX console because they are making mass recruitments in both of their Japan based studios.

Their Tokyo office is hiring for as many as seven posts, they are looking for a Programmer, a Planner, a 3D Computer Graphics Designer, a 2D Designer, an Effect Designer, a Motion Designer, and a Project Manager.

Out of these, the 3D Computer Graphics Designer is needed on an urgent basis suggesting that the professional might be needed on a project that is ongoing.

Moving on, the Kyoto office of Monolith Soft is hiring a 3D Computer Graphics Designer, an Effect Designer, and a Motion Designer.

Once again, the 3D Computer Graphics Designer is a special hiring as for the Kyoto office they are making mass recruitments for this one.

Obviously none of the job listings specifically mention Nintendo NX or an RPG game, but it is a fact that Monolith Soft are good at making roleplaying games, and it is also a fact that they work on games for Nintendo mostly.

That being said, Nintendo NX is expected to ship next year and games for it will need to be developed now.

However, do not expect a confirmation on this anytime soon because we are still a long way to go before things like that start being discussed openly.

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