Was Destiny’s Story Weakened by a Last Minute Redesign?

If anybody has followed the history of Destiny since its release they will know that the main criticism often thrown at it is the weak story. Today some reasons for this may have been revealed in a look behind the scenes of the development.

In an interesting article posted on Kotaku they take a look behind the scenes of Destiny to see the somewhat chaotic rush around the creation of the story, which was changed at the last minute. Of course the sources for the story are anonymous so we won’t know just who is telling it.

What is evident by the article though is just how believable the story is, especially when you read statements such as:

“[The design team] would have to cobble together and cut and restitch and reuse a bunch of stuff that was already built for a different thread, but now tie it together in some way that fit this amorphous, ‘You pick which way you’re going in the director’ story,”

With another source also stating:

“It was literally like making Franken-story,”

Could these last minute changes be the reason that the story felt so weak? It is fair to say that with The Taken King there was an attempt to make this issue right, but this had some varying success. Even as we move into year 2, the damage was already done on release.

One thing we do also have to consider though is the fact that Destiny is still popular, even with its weaknesses, so does the game really need a strong story? The main thing is it is still fun for the people playing it.

The full article can be found on Kotaku and is an interesting read for Destiny fans, and people interested in the development of the game.

What are your thoughts on the Destiny story, does it hinder your enjoyment of the game? Let us know your thoughts below.