September Becomes Highest Grossing Month for PS Store, All Digital Future Inbound?

Sony’s PlayStation Store saw its highest-grossing month ever in September 2015. It is a healthy sign that PlayStation gamers are showing more interest in Digital Downloads.

Of course, PlayStation 4s massive install base had a role to play in highest grossing month in PlayStation Store history.

It was also a very strong month for PSN with September being the highest grossing month in PlayStation Store history

From PlayStation exclusives like the recently launched Uncharted Collection to partnerships with Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Star Wars Battlefront, we are committed to our community and to making PlayStation the best place to play this holiday.

Gamers and gaming industry in general are moving towards an all digital future, which has to be very concerning for local retailers like GameStop.

Digital Distribution is indeed the future, it pretty much already is on PC. Many support the idea but the biggest question that comes to mind is regarding the pricing for Digital content.

It should be lower compared to the physical copy of the game. There are many cheerleaders in our industry who support Digital Distribution but I believe most of them see this as a way to rip gamers off.

Do you support Digital Distribution? What is your take on it?