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Pokkén Tournament Arcade Machines Prove to be Unpopular in Japan

For some the thought of a Tekken type game featuring Pokémon sounds like a lot of fun. Pokkén Tournament hasn’t made the impact it needed to in arcades in Japan though and it looks like it is being removed.

This news is being reported on jin115 basically showing a series of tweets in Japanese by arcade owners stating that from November the arcade machines are being removed. While the site is in Japanese, simply use Google Translator and you’ll be able to read the tweets.

It’s interesting to see the reaction on Reddit to this announcement especially when the arcade game is yet to have a release in the West. If this lack of popularity for Pokkén Tournament means that the game won’t make it our way, this may be a shame. Looking at the Reddit, it appears the general feel is that it would be more popular here than in Japan.

Developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment, the same company that worked on Tekken, it is a mystery why a game like this would not connect with the Pokémon fans. While it may not be the traditional way to use the characters, there has always been battles between the characters and there has always been different styles of games that came from the Pokémon world.

Whatever has caused the lack in popularity and the removal of the arcade machines will no doubt raise questions. One thing that it won’t put into question though is the popularity of the Pokémon brand. That is something that goes from strength to strength every year.

What are your thoughts on Pokkén Tournament being unsuccessful? Does it come as a surprise? Let us know what you think below.