Fan-Made Super Smash Bros Card Game is Brilliant

There are millions of Nintendo fans around the world who love Super Smash Bros., and are collectors of Amiibo figurine. God knows, we love all things Super Smash Bros. here at SegmentNext as well.

So today, we bring you a very interesting game called, BattleCon? Yes I know, BattleCon board game already existence, but this fan-made card game takes inspiration from that and uses Nintendo characters and Amiibo.

Creator Aljo Martinez has so far managed to add “Bowser, Rosalina, Link, Mario, redesigned bases, a portable board, and some life trackers.”

He says he will be adding Little Mac, Olimar up next. I haven’t played BattleCon but according to Google it is a head to head dueling card game where two heroes face off against one another in a battle of tactics and strategy.

Instead of using traditional BattleCon heroes, players will use Nintendo characters. Amiibo figurine aren’t a necessity to play this custom version of BattleCon, but they are a perfect fit for it.

To know more about the game and how to play it, check out Aljo Martinez’s post.