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Emulator Gives PSP Games VR Support Using Oculus Rift

While we know that the PlayStation VR headset is coming next year, there is a way to try out some Sony console games in a Virtual Reality environment…kind of. If you own a PC, Oculus Rift and some PSP games an emulator will allow you to run them in VR.

In what could be called an interesting experiment, the PPSSPP VR Emulator renders the PSP games in Stereoscopic VR and has support for Oculus DK2. With the game controls being mapped to head movements made by the person playing the game the emulator has an interesting level of success.

While the videos showing games being played through the emulator aren’t exactly what you would want to play in a VR environment it still looks like an interesting experience. Maybe if there are some true first-person games available to try out with it, then there may be some potential here. The fact is though this is an interesting experiment but can is be used for anything more?

On the download page for the emulator a list of games is included to show which are supported, playable, or won’t work. I’m sure as more games are tested these lists will grow. Whether many people will have the technology to run the games, even before thinking of playing them is another matter.

In the video included you can see the emulator being used to run Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core and it does seem to be handled well with the Oculus Rift. For a true Playstation VR experience though it is probably best to wait until Sony release their headset for the PlayStation 4 and we get to see a more modern experience.

What did you think of PSP games running in a VR environment? Let us know below.