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Doom Alpha Codes Are Being Sent Out Now

With Doom Alpha Tests on the way fans who quality to take part in it have been eagerly awaiting the email to supply them with the code to give them access. It looks like these are now starting to go out.

Based on a post on Neogaf it appears that gamers are now receiving their code. With one Xbox One gamer stating that he got his code today. They also state that it looks like the test starts Friday and ends Sunday, this may mean this weekend, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

To qualify for the alpha test, you will have had to have pre-ordered or bought Wolfenstein: The New Order on or before May 26, 2014. Be aware that this is not the beta version of the game, so is likely to be more unstable than most tests that are opened to players.

This test is being used to get some real world data on impact on the multiplayer servers as well as to be able to balance some of the in game elements such as weapon strength. Through player feedback the developers will also be able to find problems in the game that are causing issues during gameplay.

As this is just the alpha test this also meant that there is only one map, one mode, and other restrictions to what will be seen in the game. This may be a disappointment to some people hoping to get a feel for Doom, but they have to remember that in alpha tests this is more about testing the game and not giving the players a representation of the final game.

Have you received a code yet to give you access to the Doom alpha? Let us know your thoughts below.