Alan Tudyk Left His Role In Uncharted 4 After ND Went in a Different Direction

Naughty Dog has been working on Uncharted 4 for years now and like every project, many changes took place throughout its development cycle.

One of the changes Uncharted 4 went through was the departure of Star Wars actor Alan Tudyk. According to him, he was a part of Uncharted 4 alongside Nolan North, but when Naughty Dog went it a different direction he had to leave.

I worked on Uncharted, the one that has yet to come out – I was doing a role on that. Really, I hadn’t seen [Nolan] since he and I had recorded years before.

I liked it… they… ummm… they fired… ummm… [lets out a massive sigh] I left, I quit! [laughs] So, I didn’t like it. I mean, I left because they decided to go a different way with it and so when they did that, when they changed leadership, it made my contract null and void and I was able to take that opportunity to walk away which was great because I got the experience of doing it, I made some friends – not with Naughty Dog – but I made some friends with the people that left.

Todd Stashwick was a part of the project as well and it looks like Alan left during the same time as Stashwick did. Amy hennings, who was creative director and writer on the Uncharted series left the project a few years back as well.

I think that is when Alan’s contract became null and void because Uncharted’s development took a different route.¬†How and what Uncharted 4 will turn out to be now will only be revealed on March 18, 2016.