StarCraft 2 Match Fixing: Players Would get up to $20K Each

We have picked up new details on the recently surfaced StarCraft 2 match fixing scandal that has taken the community by storm.

About 12 professional players were banned for life from the game and arrests were also made in South Korea which was, once again, the center of the scandal.

The banned players caught in the StarCraft 2 match fixing scandal were found fixing as many as five matches. We are still trying to find out but so far the only players that have been made public are Park Wae-Sik (Gerrard) who was the head coach of Prime, Choi Byeong-Heon (YoDa), Choi Jong-HyuK (BBoongBBoong), and Seong Jun-mo (Enough) who is a former player.

In a recently shared chunk of news, it has been reported that each one of the players involved in the match fixing was supposed to get between $5000 and $20,000 for the deal.

The players have been caught for fixing matches in the SKT Proleague and the GSL Season 1 so far, although we doubt this would be the first time they were involved in something like this.

Korea eSports Association (KeSPA) has not only banned players for life, but also gotten them arrested. What’s more, they are even threatening that players who are found to be involved in match fixing would be sued against for damages.

Keep checking back for more on the StarCraft 2 match fixing scandal.