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Star Wars Battlefront Text Dump Reveals Some Interesting Details

With the release of beta versions of games, it gives the chance for data miners to take a look at the files and pull some details from it. While still in beta of course, these files still give a hint of what is to come in the final version.

With the success of the Star Wars Battlefront beta hopes are now high for the game. Now that the dust has settled and people get a look at the files, one such file has been placed online that reveals some interesting things.

The file appears to be the text for messages shown within the game. This reveals not only things such as weapons but also achievements. Looking at the file around line 45 reveals a few achievements (with more potential ones around the same area):

  • Win one match in each Multiplayer game mode
  • Successfully perform Cooling Flush 10 times (Multiplayer)
  • Use a partner’s Star Card hand 10 times (Multiplayer)
  • Be the first in a round to earn a kill (Multiplayer)
  • Kill a user who is using a Jump Pack (Multiplayer)
  • Reach tier three once with any trait card (Multiplayer)
  • Earn a total of 100 kills while playing as a hero (Multiplayer)
  • Trample 25 soldiers with an AT-ST (Multiplayer)

Scrolling down the file there are also interesting lines such as this one:

“Three droids are moving around on the planet. Rebels and Imperials must fight to claim them. The side that claims and controls all three droids will win!”

With this mode obviously not in the beta, it hints at what is to come, as do these lines:


Rebel forces are reported to be moving to an extraction point in your patrol’s vicinity. Flush out all Rebels and hunt them down. They must not be allowed to escape.”

It’s well worth looking through the file, but also to be aware that these are beta messages that could still go through some changes. They should also be seen as spoilers too so if you want to enjoy some of the bigger surprises beware venturing too deep.

Did you take a look at the file? Let us know your thoughts below.