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Star Citizen Development Update Details Star Marine and Alpha 2.0.0

Robert Space Industries has provided Star Citizen ‘Development Update’ which includes Star Citizen Alpha v.2.0 and Star Marine.

According to development report, Cloud Imperium Games has made new gameplay changes such as the implementation of the refuel, repair, and restock systems. From now on, players should pay heed to Quantum Fuel Tank reserves and Jump Points.

In addition to this, the game has also introduced the ‘Green Zone’ which basically enforces a non-combat area on all the players:

Brace yourselves for some brand new gameplay elements! We’ve now got our basic implementation of the refuel, repair and restock systems in-game so pay attention to your Quantum Fuel Tank reserves and choose your Jump Points wisely to make sure you don’t get stranded out there! Then when you’re not busy hurtling around at 0.2c, or fighting pirates in asteroid fields, you can also experience the first taste of “rules and regulations” in the Universe with the introduction of our first “Green Zone” that enforces a non-combat area on all players. This is an important step towards building the bigger picture.

Furthermore, the FPS team is working on improving the basic movement system and gunplay mechanics of the game. The development report further reads that Super Cruise, SCM, and the Precision Mode will soon be available to further polish players’ flight skills:

The FPS team are working hard at getting the basic movement and gunplay feeling good so that we have a solid foundation to build on from, just like we did with our IFCS system for ships. The new additions of IFCS systems have been in test for the past few days so we’re balancing all of that out with Design and QA. Super Cruise, SCM (Space Combat Manoeuvring) and Precision Mode will soon be ready for you to hone your space flight skills even further; and we’ve even given EVA the “IFCS makeover” to harness all the hard work that went in to that system which will give us a much more natural and precise version of EVA maneuvering.

To catch up on all the changes, head over to Star Citizen official website.