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Redditor Returns $60K Worth of Lost ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Cards to Distraught Owner

Andrew, who goes by alias LolHentai4ever at reddit, stumbled across a pack of ‘insanely priced’ Magic: The Gathering cards at New York Comic Con.

The pack contained a bunch of limited edition and rare cards with a total value of over $60,000 USD. Contrary to what a majority of people would have done, Andrew decided to find the real owner and return the bundle.

He posted the entire thing on reddit’s Magic: The Gathering cards community and asked the owner – if there was one to be found – to contact him via PM to discuss things further.

Tom Grayson, 50, on the other hand, was having a bad day after losing his $60K bundle at the Comic Con. According to Grayson, he has been collecting Magic: The Gathering cards since 1994 and considers them as his most valuable possession after his wife and daughter.

While he did not see Andrew’s reddit thread, one of his friends did and put them in contact with each other. After verifying and everything, Grayson set out to meet his hero and retrieved his lost valuables.

He even asked Andrew for a financial reward which Andrew politely rejected. To show his gratitude, Grayson asked Andrew to take any two cards from the bundle which he happily accepted – the cards having a retail value of $85 USD.

Source: UpVoted.