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PvE Campaign Details Revealed for Battleborn

With the closed technical tests coming for Battleborn at the end of October things are getting interesting with the game. Today we learnt more about the co-op PVE campaign for the game.

Speaking with MMORPG, creative director for the game Randy Varnell revealed some details on the PVE campaign:

“In the distant future, the stars are dying. Many of them through the natural course of heat death, but also now due to the invasion of a dark and mysterious foe, the Varelsi who are accelerating the darkening of the stars. Civilizations rose up to fight against them, but unwilling to abanding their previous struggles and wars, they could not unify to slow the unyielding tide of the Varlesi.

Now, there is only one star left in the entire universe–Solus, the Last Star. One of our universe’s own, Lord Commander Lothar Rendain of the Jennerit Imperium, has turned against us, sided with the Varlesi and how leads an unholy alliance to end the last star.

With the end seemingly inevitable, a band of heroes rise from among the factional squabbling and resource struggles to stand up against these foes. They are called Battleborn–heroes from many different places and civilizations, but joined together for one purpose: to save Solus, the last star.”

When compared to Boderlands but with more linear gameplay, he was asked if the campaign could be played with any of the 25 heroes:

“Yes! The story missions let you play through the narrative of saving the last star, through a series of critical missions and battles in the fight for Solus. In each of the missions, you select from any of the 25 Battleborn, and experience some of the personal story of that character during the mission. While there is certainly a full story arc for Battleborn, most of the missions are presented more like TV show episodes with a beginning, middle and end, focusing on a part of the broader story.”

So, your mission in Battleborn will be to save the final star, do you think you can manage it? Be sure to read the whole interview for more details.

Are you looking forward to Battleborn? Are you taking part in the technical test? Let us know your thoughts below.