PlayStation 4’s €50 Price Cut for EU Coming on October 21?

About ten days ago, Sony Computer Entertainment officially announced a $50 price drop in PlayStation 4, confirming that you will now be able to get the console for $350 only.

While this was for regions other than European Union, it was expected that a similar price cut will be announced for the EU as well; however, Sony has not said anything on that matter officially.

If some Dutch posters tweeted by AGB are to be believed, we could get a €50 price drop in the region as soon as October 21.

We have added the images below, but the text that accompanied the images sounds pretty confusing. It reads that while the PlayStation 4 will be available for €349 on October 21, the official announcement will come at the Paris Games Week.

If you check the calendar, Sony’s conference at Paris Games Week is scheduled on October 27. We are not sure what is meant by this, but the posters all but confirm that the price is going to be cut down to meet what the others are paying for the console now.

It is expected that the price drop in EU is going to help boost sales in the region just like it did in Japan where 1.8 million units were sold.

Check back for an official word on the PlayStation 4 price drop later.