Just Cause 3 to Not Support Mods for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

With consoles proving more power to the players one of the new things coming are the ability to add mods. While games like Fallout 4 are looking to provide this ability, it looks like Just Cause 3 won’t be offering the same support.

When speaking to WhatCulture Just Cause 3 game director Roland Lesterlin responded to questions on whether mods will be supported with:

“We have nothing to announce on that front for JC3. Instead, we’re focused on making our in-game upgrade system reflect the ethos of mods. Those should enable players to have a huge amount of creativity.”

This will be a disappointment to many as there did appear to be hints that this may be possible way back at E3. As we know though for a game to reach its release date some things have to be sacrificed and it looks like mod support appears to be one of the things held back.

Looking at the statement, people who are wanting the mod support should not give up hope. While Lesterlin says there is nothing to report, that is not a concrete statement saying the ability won’t come to the game, just not a priority. Maybe in a future update to the game this ability will be provided in some form.

For now, modders will have to look to the PC version of the game, and even without the ability to mod there will still be plenty of ways to upgrade weapons in the console version which appears to be quite versatile. Whether this will help soothe the disappointment of those wanting mods though is another question.

What are your thoughts on the lack of mods in the console version of Just Cause 3? Will you miss them? Let us know what you think.