Is Nintendo NX More Powerful Than Xbox One and PS4?

Nintendo has done a good job of keeping their Nintendo NX console under the wraps for the past couple of months, however, alleged inside sources are opening up just a little bit about it.

Recently, it was suggested by WSJ that the console will come bearing “Industry Leading Chips.” This started a debate over the power of the console.

Now, these guys have contacted the WSJ reporter Takashi Mochizuki who elaborated the matter based on what some of his insider sources have revealed. He insists that people who have the Nintendo NX dev kits say that they found it impossible to run it on PC if they did not have industry leading chips.

Several people who said who have seen a demo said what they saw is impossible to run on a computer without a “industry-leading” or “cutting-edge” chips. Cutting-edge in what way, they refused to elaborate. And an important thing to remember, probably you know well already, is that chip specs won’t be finalized until much closer date to the release.

Keeping this in mind, we also know that the “industry leading” chips that are available on PCs can perform way better than PS4 and Xbox One because they are much more powerful.

From this it can be deduced that the Nintendo NX might be more powerful than PS4 and Xbox One both.

However, all this is unconfirmed news since Nintendo is yet to start talking about specs of their new console – until then, we suggest you take all this with the proverbial grain of salt.