Hideo Kojima has Left Konami

In what seems to be the longest running story at the moment, it has been revealed once again that Hideo Kojima has left Konami. This time though we have more information on the actual departure (maybe).

In a story in the New Yorker they reveal that Hideo Kojima in fact left the company in October 9. This was revealed by a source that New Yorker won’t reveal. So as usual until we get an official confirmation this is a lot like all the other reports of Kojima leaving the company.

Along with the news of Kojima, the New Yorker also looks at the reasons. This again goes over the reasons already reported such as Konami having a focus on mobile games and the conflicts around the growing budget and delays around Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.

The article is well worth a read, if not for the details on Kojima leaving, but for the detailed look at the whole dramatic break up. With more of a focus on the mobile gaming side of things, this is a sign of the changing times of game development and where the most profit is made for the company. We can’t ignore the fact that mobile gaming is huge and companies like Konami are seeing the potential in it.

Whatever the reasons for Kojima leaving are, the interesting thing is his non-compete clause which will expire in December. This will be when we may hear where Kojima will go, and what he’ll do next. This will be the more interesting side of the story for Kojima fans, as they wait to see what games he will do next.

Where will Kojima go next? Let us know your thoughts below.