GTA Online Lowriders DLC Gets Trailer Featuring Car Customization

GTA Online Lowriders DLC is the next update for the game that Rockstar is working on. It will be the DLC that brings the new autoshop to the game and with it will come extensive car customization tools.

For those of you who have not been able to check out what the potential of the GTA Online Lowriders DLC could be, the developers have released a brand new trailer that shows off at least some of the features that you will like to try out.

The video above is just one minute long but features Benny’s Original Motor Works’ services like customized wheels, rims, sound systems, hydraulics and much more.

Benny’s Original Motor Works will be unleashed to the game in just one day’s time as the GTA Online Lowriders DLC is going to be released worldwide on October 20 i.e. tomorrow.

The good news is that the update is going to be free, so get ready to download any pimp that ride.