Bethesda Selling Limited Edition Xbox One Fallout 4 Controller

With the build up to Fallout 4 Bethesda are building up the hype to impressive proportions. One way to profit off this is to hold a sale on some exclusive items on the Bethesda Store.

Today’s sale is on a t-shirt that won’t be available until November 16, but has had the price discounted for today. What is causing more interest though, especially to Destruction who are reporting it is a new Fallout 4 Xbox One controller that Bethesda themselves are making.

From the image shown the controller will be blue, and feature a Pip-Boy design. Another interesting thing to note is that it will be a wired controller. Only 5,000 of these will be made so if you want one then you better get your order in tomorrow when it should be available in the sale.

Continuing all week, Wednesday will see the release of a Pip-Boy messenger bag, Thursday a Vault-Tec watch and Friday The Art of Fallout 4 book. This book will be made more exclusive by “[A] custom slip-case, an extra 16-page art gallery section, and an exclusive mini-lithograph by Ray Lederer encased in a black cloth portfolio.”

With fans of Fallout 4 already paying out money for pre-orders, special editions, Pip-Boy editions and other incentives it will be interesting to see if any will be interested in these new deals. The answer to this will probably be yes, especially with the fervour around the game at the moment.

Are you interested in the new Xbox One controller or would you rather have any of the other items in the sale? Let us know your thoughts below.