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XCOM 2 to Offer Large-Scale Modding; Co-Op Mods Possible

XCOM 2 development team has confirmed that the game will feature modding on a large scale.
While speaking to the Firaxicon crowd at the Baltimore Convention Center, XCOM 2 development team discussed the scale of modding in the game saying:

We’re providing a tool for Steam that anyone who buys the game will be able to get. XCOM 2 players will have access to a Visual Studio isolated shell app that can build mod projects. Going further, Firaxis will ship the Unreal editor that they used to build the game. Finally, the studio will provide the script source code and around 50GB of game assets.

The key for us is that you guys, when XCOM 2 comes out, have the same game that we have when we developed it,” Solomon tells the crowd. “You have the same tools that we have; you use the editor that we use; you have all the assets that the incredible content team created. We want you guys to help us make XCOM 2 better.

In addition to this, when asked whether the modding tools will be flexible enough to allow a co-op mod; the development team said that it indeed will be possible, but the modders will have to supply their own matchmaking servers.

For the complete Q&A session, you can head over to PCGamer.

XCOM 2 is scheduled to release on Feb. 5, 2016 on PC.