Xbox One Elite Bundles Delayed in Japan

With sales of the Xbox One being poor in Japan delays of consoles to the country is the last thing they need. It looks like this is exactly what is happening though based on a press release sent out today.

Based on news reported by DualShockers the release of the Xbox One Elite bundle will be delayed in Japan by a couple of weeks. Instead of releasing it on November 6, it will be released November 19 instead.

Luckily the price will be remaining the same, which will be 49,980 yen plus tax. The Elite bundle comes with an Xbox which has a 1TB hybrid SSHD drive, and an Elite controller. While Microsoft’s console isn’t that popular in Japan, any delay in a bundle like this is going to be another negative mark on the company, and probably something they could do without.

Another piece of news for Japan is that the new Xbox One experience will be coming to the console by the end of the year. While it’s not been confirmed that the country will get the release at the same time of the rest of the world, at least they know it is coming and will be in this year. Hopefully a release date will be provided soon.

With Microsoft trying to make some gains in the market share for the Xbox One, Japan is still a tough nut to crack. With Sony having a lead in the country, this may be a race that Microsoft will never win.

What are your thoughts on the delays in Japan? Let us know below.