Treyarch Reveal Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Free Run Mode and Custom Games

Treyarch have just had a Q&A stream for Black Ops 3 that have revealed some interesting details for the game. Not only answering player’s questions, they also made some announcements of what to expect when it is released.

Treyarch have revealed that there will be 11 core game modes in Black Ops 3, these will include Uplink and Safe Guard. Another game mode revealed on the stream is Free Run which will provide players with level based challenge courses, and competing against friends. There will also be challenges that include weapon penalties where if the player misses a shot they will get a 1 second penalty before they can shoot again.

Other interesting features that were mentioned included a “Gun Game” and more importantly Custom Games which will allow players to make modes they want. Depending on how versatile this Custom Game system is the more interesting it could be. We’ll have to see more about it though before we can really comment on what it will bring to the game.

You can watch a replay of the live stream above where you can see what questions were raised and what were answered. With this stream being part of a weekly series of Q&A sessions it lasted less than 30 minutes and while we were teased with many new modes and features, not that much was actually shown.

With the new modes such as Free Run, and features such as Custom Games it does look like Treyarch are trying to make Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 more interesting and fun. With fans of the Call of Duty games having plenty of modes they would like to see brought into the game, can Treyarch make everybody happy?

Are you interested in Free Run and Custom Games? What did you think of the live stream? Let us know your thoughts below.