Star Citizen Earned More in 2014 Than All Other Game Kickstarter Projects Combined

Star Citizen may be a project that has had a controversial past but when you look at the funding, it does appear to be a success. While there is worry around what will come of it for now the figures are starting to impress.

To look at the success of Star Citizen you just have to look at a recent chart posted on Twitter by Gamasutra contributor Thomas Bidaux:

Looking at 2014 you can’t ignore the fact that more people pledged money to the development of Star Citizen than all other Kickstarter campaign combined. While the year wasn’t the most impressive for Kickstarter funded development, this is still impressive when it is one game vs. a whole number of projects.

With the recent controversy around Star Citizen the results for 2015 (so far) are showing Kickstarter back in the lead, though over $21 million in funded can’t be ignored. The fact that Kickstarter has had an impressive year with some big releases using the service to fun their games has brought a lot of money to the service too. We’ll have to see what the final figures end up being at the end of the year.

From the look of it Star Citizen is gaining plenty of funds for its development, but focus is on it now, looking for it to use this money in a positive way. Hopefully we’ll be seeing of this soon.

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