Sony And Square Enix File Intriguing Trademarks

Square Enix, the notable publisher behind franchises like Final Fantasy, Legacy of Kain and Kingdom Hearts has just filed a trademark for Shinra Game System in Europe.

It is possible that the trademark refers to Shinra Technologies, a subsidiary of Square Enix that focuses on cloud gaming with the help of supercomputers that claims to enable “new types of game worlds that could have never existed before”.

If the trademark does turn out to be linked to Shinra Technologies, it wouldn’t be entirely unbelievable that Square Enix might be looking into a stationary device for its cloud gaming services.

Sony Computer Entertainment has also filed a new trademark for PlayEnglish which most probably refers to the PlayEnglish game that was released for PSP in Spain in 2010. Created by Tonika Games, PlayEnglish had players investigate various mysteries while also learning English along the way.

Whether we will be seeing a new Sony PlayEnglish game exclusive to some regional market or not remains to be seen, but it is highly unlikely that it will be released for PSP’s successor, Sony PS Vita.