SegmentNext Deals: Unity 3D Game Developer Bundle for Only $49.00

SegmentNext Deals is currently offering ‘Zero to Hero Game Developer Bundle’ which includes Unity 3D courses for as low as $49.00.

The said bundle comprises of 7 courses and 30+ hours of elite training for developing mobile and desktop video games. Such a bundle usually costs a whopping $999.99, but SegmentNext Deals is offering it at 95% off.

The 7 courses included in the bundle are:

  • Beginner Unity 3D game Design Course – $199 Value
  • Create your First Computer game w/ Stencyl Course – $169 Value
  • Beginner HTML5 Mobile game Development Course – $149 Value
  • ‘Build a Simplified iOS 7 Flappy game’ Course – $127 Value
  • Create your Own Match 3 Puzzle game Course – $147 Value
  • Beginner iOS games Creation Course – $99 Value
  • Learn Android App Development from Scratch Course – $99 Value

So in case you just started developing or looking forward to further polish your skills, head over to SegmentNext Deals and order your Unity 3D ‘Game Developer Bundle’ now.

Since our deals are only available for a limited time period, the deal ends in 5 days from now. Also remember that you can use refer-a-friend and avail another $10 discount.