Scuf Gaming Becomes Microsoft’s Partner for Xbox Controllers for Professional Gaming

Microsoft is really giving importance to professional gaming and opening up to third party peripherals in light of that. Scuf Gaming is now the exclusive and official partner of Microsoft for Xbox Controllers.

Under this new partnership, Scuf Gaming will be “providing Microsoft the rights to use SCUFs intellectual property, patents and innovations” and “also become the exclusive 3rd party accessories partner for the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller.”

Phil Spencer, the Head of Xbox added that “SCUF continues to improve the way gamers use a controller, reducing hand strain and enhancing the gameplay experience” and that “they are pleased to work with SCUF to bring this project to the masses.”

All this is good; and we are hopeful that the new partnership will bring forward some worth buying accessories, however, Scuf Gaming has been known for their poor customer services in the past and that could be a problem unless issues like this one get sorted out on priority.

On part of Microsoft it is probably a good idea to partner with them otherwise they would be competing with them for Xbox controllers and other accessories.

That being said, using Scuf Gaming’s patents might also give them a bump in their sales.