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PayDay 2 Gets Microtransactions After OverKill Assured Fans It Wouldn’t

PayDay 2 developer has added Microtransactions to the game. It wouldn’t have been a big deal as a plethora of games feature purchasable items.

However, a while back the producer of the game shamed us for even thinking that PayDay 2 will feature any Microtransactions. Here an excerpt from his post on Steam:

We’ve made it clear that PAYDAY 2 will have no micro-transactions whatsoever (shame on you if you thought otherwise!)

OverKill rolled out the Black Market Update that clocked-in at 5.3GB, and it added safes that players can earn after the end of each match.

The interesting and most frustrating part is that these safes are opened with Drills that are currently only available for $2.49 of your real-life money.

We are yet to hear of any way to earn these Drills without paying for them. Of course, the community isn’t happy about this at all and are cursing OverKill due to them backtracking on their words.

To make matters worse, the new skins introduced with the update aren’t free as well and they can affect a weapons performance. Each skin comes with a different stat.


Knowing OverKill, I think they will and definitely should provide fans with an explanation as to why the decision to add microtransactions was made. We’ll have more for you as soon as the story further develops. Check back for updates.