Need For Speed To Include Cutscenes With A Total Duration Of A Full Length Movie

While cutscenes are not totally new to the NFS franchise, the previous installments of the racing game franchise has used them to tell each game’s story, however their presence has surely been missed over the past few games.

However it seems that given how the new upcoming Need for Speed is essentially a reboot of the franchise, the developers seem to be going back to bring fans some of the loved content from previous games and that includes cutscenes.

According to Executive Producer Marcus Nilsson, Ghost Games is working to make those Need for Speed cutscenes an integral part of the game and not only that, the game will have enough cutscenes to make a full length movie while keeping in mind that it is a game and it should be fun as a game.

Nilsson explained that the technology the team is working with has advanced in orders of magnitude in recent years, allowing designers to make photo-realistic scenes and vehicles which fit in perfectly with cutscenes to produce an experience that goes from hands-off watching, to hands-on interaction.

Similar to the seamless transition seen recently in games such as The Order: 1886.

Nilsson also believes that while adding these cutscenes is essential, it also must be made sure that the player doesn’t just feel like a cameraman in the world and should have realistic interactions with the characters in the game.

Need for Speed is set to release for PS4 and Xbox One on November 3rd while a PC release is scheduled for Spring 2016.

Source: Examiner