German Readers, Get a Playstation 4 for 269 Euros Now

There are plenty of PlayStation 4 deals around at the moment if you are looking to buy one. For German readers, if you are willing to accept a reconditioned console there is a very nice deal right now.

While it was originally priced at 339.00 Euros, it has now been slashed to 269.00 which is a very good deal. With all reconditioned devices though you do have to realise that it is classed as a use product. Though at least Amazon are providing 12-month warranty on this product.

What are often found with used consoles are that they may have a few cosmetic flaws such as scratches and signs of wear. Some companies also can’t confirm that the controllers that will be included with the console will be the official ones. In this case it does seem that everything is provided with all wires provided and everything you expect.

For anybody thinking of buying a used Playstation 4 (or other consoles) you should also be aware of any special requirements that may need to be met, for occurrences such as the device breaking. Amazon have a question and answers section that seems to have a few of these issues mentioned. It’s worth a read just to know what you are going to have to do if anything goes wrong.

While this is a cheap way to buy a Playstation 4, and this is a good price, always be aware of the risks you are taking. The last thing you want to happen once you buy the console is for it to break down before you even have a chance to fully enjoy it.

Would a deal like this make you consider buying a used console? Let us know your thoughts below.