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GeForce Experience Users to Get Early Access to GameReady Drivers

Nvidia’s GeForce Experience Beta received a new update yesterday which brought many features including YouTube Live, better Twitch streaming, GameStream 4K, and GameReady drivers.

In addition to these features, however, it seems like the users of GeForce Experience will also gain early access to GameReady drivers than those who simply want to download the drivers without any additional experiences.

According to a recent report, it certainly does not mean that the driver updates will be delayed for non-Experience members, these will be quicker for experience users as implied by the statement below:

In the new GeForce Experience Beta update we’re adding an email registration feature so we can better support and communicate with our users; the next time you download a Game Ready driver through GeForce Experience you’ll be asked for a verified email address. After that you’ll have instant access to drivers, will receive NVIDIA product news and announcements, and have the chance to win hardware, free game codes, early access to game betas, and other cool stuff.

In addition to this, the latest update also adds the ability to broadcast on YouTube Live’s new gaming channel at up to 1080p/60fps, the ability to broadcast to Twitch at 1080p/60fps instead of 720p/60fps.

Did you get a chance to try out the new GeForce Experience Beta? Do not forget to share your impressions with us in the comments section below!

Source: BlueNews.