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Fallout 4 PC DVD Doesn’t have the Entire Game, Says Pete Hines

We have known for a while that fallout 4 PC version is going to need activation through Steam even though people would buy a physical copy of it.

The reason for this was pretty clear; the developers want to put up a wall against piracy and Steam activation is a good way to do that.

However, Pete Hines the vice president of public relations and marketing at Bethesda Softworks has also revealed that the DVD that comes in the PC version of Fallout 4 is not going to have the entire game on it as well.

Hines was inquired about the process on his official Twitter account if the disc was only going to come with the Steam installer, to which he replied that there will be other game data on it as well, but added:

You will still have to download from Steam. The disc doesn’t contain the entire game.

While explaining it further he added that “PC requires activation on Steam. Console does not. Console ship on Blu-rays, PC ships on DVDs,” and that the primary reason for going through Steam was piracy.

Fallout 4 is being developed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows and it will get a simultaneous worldwide release on November 10, 2015.