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Development Kits for Nintendo NX Are Being Distributed Now!

It’s time! Nintendo NX is finally shaping up and enthusiasts among you are going to be super hyped to know that software development kits for the platform are now being distributed by Nintendo!

Obviously, things are being kept under the wraps for now which is why the company has not issued an official statement to confirm this, but some insider sources have confirmed this.

As of now, the use of this Nintendo NX software development kit is to enable developers to modify existing games and test them for the new platform. On the flipside however, developers might use the kit to develop games to be released on the console when it launches.

It is a fact that previous platforms of Nintendo have been out in the market for a considerable time; this was the reason why we suggested that they will want to launch Nintendo NX as soon as possible.

Now, the news about the console’s development kit further strengthens the expectation that we could see it launched as early as the mid of 2016.

Talking of the shape and content of Nintendo NX it is expected that the company will reveal it next year and it might include a handheld unit as well.