Destiny Trials of Osiris Delayed After a nasty Bug Was Found

This one is a little unwelcome news because most of you might be expecting to get your hands on Destiny Trials of Osiris pretty soon. However, that is not going to be the case because it has been delayed.

Deej took to the official website of Destiny and revealed “it turns out that there’s a particularity nasty bug that would undoubtedly conspire to create a less competitive return to form for Trials of Osiris.”

He did not discuss what the bug was, but continued to announce that Destiny Trials of Osiris will be released after they have taken care of the problem:

We’re going to disable that bug before we invite you to take your next run at a 9-0. We’re also working on a final fix for the bug itself as soon as possible. As soon as we have a solid commitment for Brother Vance, we’ll make a formal announcement on when Trial of Osiris will begin again.

So far, the developers have not shared a new release date for Destiny Trials of Osiris and since we do now know the nature of this bug it would be hard to speculate how long will it take for Bungie to fix it.

We will update you as soon as something comes up.