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Battlefield 3’s Popular Noshahr Canal Map Gets Remade for Battlefield 4

Participants of the Community Test Environment for Battlefield 4 have been regularly given early news about new releases for the online first-person shooter game.

Just like Battlefield 2’s remade Dragon Valley map that came out last June for DICE’s title, EA is planning on releasing yet another classic and much-loved map, this time coming from Battlefield 3.

The Noshahr Canal map was arguably Battlefield 3’s most popular map as far as Team Deathmatch was concerned, and allowed for plenty of tactical variations for veterans of the game in Conquest mode.

The layout of Noshahr Canal is actually being created inside the BF4 version of the Dragon Valley map.

Battlefield YouTuber Matimi0 captured some footage of a few minutes of gameplay on the map, and highlights how it largely adapts the same layout, save a few notable changes here and there.

It’s likely that when the map does make it to the standard version of BF 4, it stays as a part of Dragon Valley instead of being termed as ‘Noshahr Canal 2.0’. Nevertheless, it’s bound to excite plenty of Battlefield fans, especially those who enjoy Team Deathmatch.