Anno 2205 Collector’s Edition and Gold Edition Details Arrive

Planning on picking up Anno 2205? Why not get the Gold or Collector’s Edition? Blue Byte and Ubisoft have shared details regarding the game’s special editions.

Anno 2205 Collector’s Edition includes:

  • The Anno 2205 Full Game in an exclusive Collector’s Box
  • A highly detailed Moon Poster
  • A 60-page exclusive art book
  • The Official Soundtrack of the game
  • The Season Pass with two upcoming game expansions: Tundra and Orbit

Tundra and Orbit are two expansions that will also be a part of the season pass and Gold Edition ( a digital artbook, and its original soundtrack of Anno 2205). Tundra Expansion will add new environment to Anno 2205, the Vanha Plains. Players will use a high-tech aircraft  to roam the marshes.

Players will try to solve the mystery of the forgotten ECO sanctuaries on Tundra.

Meanwhile, in Orbit expansion:

Players will expand their corporation’s dominion into space itself by taking over the new orbital sector and by building their very own space station. The bravest men and women can then be recruited from amongst the company’s employees and settle in orbit. In order to expand and upgrade the space station, players can construct research modules, and supply their scientists with resources to create powerful global research effects boosting all sectors.

Anno 2205 will release on November 3 rd, 2015 and its expansions will hit us on a later date.