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Valve Want to Make Steam Controller Moddable

The Steam Controller is being released November 10, but unlike other devices like it, it won’t be the final version. Valve want the user to be able to customise it to fit their needs instead of being just another generic controller.

Speaking to Polygon Designer Erik Johnson talked about the long-term plans for the controller:

“We want to release the CAD files for how these controllers are put together,” he said. “How do you mod the controller? What does that look like?”

The goal for Valve is to let the gamer adapt the controller to fit the game they are playing. Where many PC players opt for the keyboard and Mouse, if the Steam Machines are going to be a success then they need to find a way that the controller replaces that means of control.

On why they are opening up the controller to be so customisable he revealed:

 “It’s in our DNA to think of how our customers can create value for other customers.”

The plan is that the controller will be closely tied with the future of the PC. For this to work then the gamers themselves have to adopt the controller as the way to play their games. This will probably be one of the biggest challenges for Value moving forward. On when Value will upgrade the controller themselves:

 “at the point where there’s a product or some technology or something else that passes the test of us needing to [release a new controller] so that our customers can experience something, that’s when we’ll put out a new one.”

With the release of the controller November 10 as well as Alienware’s Steam Machine it will be interesting to see if PC gamers will move onto a console device like that. With the Steam Machine restricting upgradability so much though, it is questionable just how successful it will be.

What are your thoughts on the Steam Controller? Does a more customisable device sound interest you? Let us know below.