Valve Survey Shows That Majority of Users Won’t Upgrade Their PCs for VR

According to a recent survey conducted by Valve, only 19 per cent of all survey participants said that they will buy a new PC for VR.

The survey was conducted via SteamVR forums with about 2,000 participants in order to help VR developers learn more about the behavior of general PC users when it comes to VR-tech.

According to results, only 19 per cent of users said that they will buy a new PC for VR, 42 per cent said that they will use their current PCs, and 34 per cent said that they might install some upgrades.

Valve also asked survey participants where they use their PCs. In response, 42 per cent said bedroom, 24 per cent said living room, and 20 per cent said office.

Moreover, when asked whether users will relocate their PCs to use VR, 69 per cent said no and 15 per cent did not say anything.

There are also quite a few technical questions such as room’s height, width, and more – you can head over to the link and find complete details for yourself!

What about you? Would you be willing to upgrade and relocate your current PC in order to use Valve VR? Let us know in the comments section below!

Via: PixelDynamo.