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The Division Won’t Confine Players to Certain Areas Based on Character Level

The Division will not restrict players to certain areas based on their character level.

In a recent interview, Ubisoft’s Community Developer, Hamish Bode, confirmed that players will be able to explore any area they want right from the start, but may experience difficulties to gear level.

The game is open to an extent that you can go anywhere you want from the start. You can go in any direction, you are not gated. So in terms of open world – very!

Yes, there will be parts of the world that will be too difficult for you to accomplish what you need to. So you can go to other areas, but good luck.

Continuing, Bode said that the game combined singleplayer and multiplayer into one seamless experience. There are no loading screens and matchmaking inside the PVP zone happens behind the scenes so no one can tell who is a good guy and who is a problem-maker.

So there is no loading screens, we are on a team doing our missions and collecting loot, and then we enter the Darkness Zone. This is a PvP area where matchmaking all happens behind the scenes. You will be in a zone where you cannot tell who is nice who is going to cause problems. It’s all one seamless experience.

All in all, it appears like The Division is shaping up pretty nice. Now all I hope is not to come across news of another delay.

The Division is slated to launch for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One next year in 2016.

Source: PixelVulture.